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Does Treble B Roofing carry any insurance?

Yes we do £5million Public Liability and £10 Million for employer's liability, copy supplied on demand.

What are your payment terms if I am a home owner?

Payments terms are set out in Section 1 of our terms and conditions

What are your payment terms if I am a contractor?

Payment terms will be negotiated prior to commencements of works, we are currently under CIS 45

Can I see any of your past completed works and speak to the customer?

Of course you can, we real pride ourselves in our work and will be more than happy to show it off. Depending on what you are having done, we will make arrangements for you to see our past jobs.

How much experience have you got in roofing and related works?

It's pretty extensive; we have been around rooves for over 30 years.

If you require a quotation or any further information about what we do or if you can't find the answer to your questions on this page, please feel free to contact us.


What areas do you cover?

All of London, Mainly south. Kent, Surrey and down to the coast, we are pretty flexible

What are these hedgehog brushes all about, are they any good?

These brushes are put into gutters to stop them blocking up with leaves and debris. They are ideal where there are a lot of trees about. See our Hedgehog info.

I saw on your list of services on the guttering, that there are two types of guttering, standard and deep flow, what is the difference?

The deep flow is usually used where there is a steep pitch on the roof, the gutter is deeper than standard guttering and this enables the gutter to collect and carry away the water run off quicker

With roofing works, what type of works needs input from the local building control? Is this something that you can look after and advise?

Dependent on the works you are having done, we will advise you whether you will need building control to pass the works. As a rule if any works are to be done that involves the structure of the building, building control will have to be involved. When the works are passed, building control will issue you with a building control compliance notice. In the event that you come to sell your property, you will need this certificate.

Are there any guarantees with your work?

All renewal works are guaranteed on labour and materials, as stated in our terms and conditions. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any repairs works, however, we will advise at the time, what your options are

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