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1. Payments - In the case of a new roof - once roof scaffloding is erected (if applicable), roof stripped and felt and battened - 50% of agreed price is due. The balance in then due on completion. In the case of all other works - payment is due on completion if works are under £5000. Any works over £5000, we will be entitled interim payments. This schedule of payments will be agreed before commencement of works. This may include approval from the local Building Control Officer. In the event there is a dispute with the invoice or work carried out, any disputes should be raised in writing within 5 days of invoice date. Should we not receive it within this time period, payment is due and any disputes will be initially dealt with internally. If the dispute cannot be resolved then an arbitrator from the Federation of Master Builders will be appointed to resolve the dispute. In the event that our invoice is not paid within 5 days of the invoice date, or in the case of a dispute, we have not received any correspondence within the 5 days - interest will accrue from 5 days after the invoice date at a rate of 8% per annum.

2. All Materials and goods delivered to the site will remain the property of Treble B Roofing until you (the customer) pay for them in full via payment of our invoice.


We all enjoy our beautiful trees with their beautiful leaves…

But unfortunately if your home is surrounded by trees, the build-up of leaves and twigs in your gutters and drains can cause blockages and unnecessary damage to your gutters and drains.


3. The attached estimate is valid for sixty days from the estimate date. Prices cannot be guaranteed after this date.

4. Whilst all due care will be taken, we cannot be held responsible for any cracking or damage that may occur to the top floor ceilings by movement or vibration in the structure during the course of the works.

5. Whilst all due care will be taken, we cannot be held responsible for dust/dirt that may be caused during the period of our work, nor can we be held responsible for any damage caused to personal items left within your loft area, garage or garden. These should be removed/relocated or covered before arrival on site.

6. In the case of flat felt and asphalt roofs, all coverings are laid to existing falls and cross falls unless otherwise stated, we cannot be held responsible for any pooling of water which may occur as a result of incorrect rainwater falls in the existing roof.

7. The work covered by the attached estimate may require building regulation approval from the local council. Our price does not include for any fees payable to the council for the Building Control Officer's inspection or for any work they may deem necessary, unless otherwise stated in out estimate.

8. Where second hand slates or tiles are stipulated to be replaced, or made good, they will be replaced to match as near and as best as possible, to the discretion of Treble B Roofing.

9. Any specific individual requests must be received in writing from you (the customer) at the companies trading address as stated on the acceptance slip below. Start and finish times, restricted areas etc...

10. Notification of changes to the agreed schedule of works should be made by fax, email or in writing to Treble B Roofing prior to 2 working days before the agreed start date. Please note that we will charge reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred from the change of plans if notice has not been given prior to 2 working days before the start date.

11. Any additional works that are to be carried out will be priced initially verbally and then in writing if agreed. No additional works will be undertaken until a new Terms and condition of trading is completed, signed by you and received by Treble B Roofing.

12. Whilst we will take all due care with works carried out, in the instances of pointing, rendering and any other cement related works, we cannot guarantee against weather having an affect on it.

13. Where several properties share one flat roof not divided by party parapet walls, we cannot be held responsible for water ingress originating from defective roof covering of adjoining roofs.

14. We cannot be held responsible for any items on the roof/balcony, such as aerials, satellite dishes, and wires. Flowers, flower boxes, furniture etc. Nor any items within the loft space. Nor any items within the garage/garden.

15. The specified time period as stated on the attached estimate can only be estimated as we have no control over the weather. We will do everything possible to complete the works within the estimated time frame.

16. We will be allowed reasonable access to your water, electricity and toilets. Along with reasonable storage for the duration of the works

17. We are obliged to carry continuous public liability insurance and sight of our policy is available on request

18. We will be responsible for all health and safety issues relating to the works being carried out.

19. If the work is delayed or last longer than is expected for any reason (other than our fault) we will be entitled to claim for losses and expenses incurred.

20. You are responsible for all legal requirements(Including planning and building regulations)

21. You have the right to end the contract if without reasonable cause(without affecting your other legal rights and remedies:-
1/We stop work for 14 working days
2/ Fail to work steadily and consistently
You can send us written notice by recorded delivery telling us to re start within 2 days or to work more consistently. If we do not respond within 7 days the contract is deemed to be ended. However, we can still use our legal rights and remedies. Any Monies due will be subject to section 1 of these terms and conditions

22. Without affecting our legal rights and remedies we can suspend or end this contract in one or more of the following circumstances:-
1/If you fail to pay any interim bill and still fail to pay for 7 days after receiving written notice we send by recorded delivery demanding payment.
2/If you, or anyone you employ, or relation, or agent interfere with or obstruct the work or fail to make the site available for us (without
good reason) for the contract period (or any one or more of these)
3/ If you become bankrupt or go into liquidation or make a composition or arrangement with your creditors (or ant one or more of
After we use our right to suspend this contract we can end it if you are still at fault, we will be entitled to all payments under section 1 and any costs involved in suspending or ending the contract. We are also entitled to claim for any losses we suffer (including loss of profits) resulting from suspending the contract. However, you can still use your legal rights and remedies under the terms and conditions of trading of Treble B Roofing Ltd.

1/ All works carried out as specified on the attached schedule of works is guaranteed by Treble B Roofing Ltd from date of completion
Flat roof – felt/asphalt - 10 years. Tiles - 20 years

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